Artificial Intelligence is here and it’s taking away jobs

There has been a lot written lately about fearing artificial intelligence, mainly written from a Hollywood-esque point of view. The one that had robots or AI’s controlling everything and eliminating humans.

But a far more immediate issue is that covered in the article below:

“They are removing work from human minds and hands.”

This is the real challenge that society faces with increasingly intelligent machines: they will take away jobs. Yes, society coped with the destruction in jobs in farming and manual labour by educating the workforce to work in more diverse fields. But what will happen if the AI does the thinking too?

Imagine the scenario where most jobs can be carried out by an AI. What will be left for the workforce to do? I suspect that we will see an increasing political involvement in AI, and that at some point in the future, they will be heavily regulated to protect workers and their jobs.

Artificial Intelligence Is Already Here, But Is Your Business Ready For It?.

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