Swordfighting robot leads to more irrational AI fear

Any article in the popular press about Artificial Intelligence that includes a picture of the Terminator robot is guaranteed to be focused on one thing alone, building up the fear.

Terminator Robot

Source: News Corp Australia

According to the article below, Japanese scientists have created a robot that can swordfight. This naturally leads to the suggestion that we are on the brink of having Terminator robots running all over the planet killing at will.

While it makes for a good story, it largely ignores the fact that this robot probably can’t do very much else. This trait is shared by most AI algorithms: they are brittle. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Because it is focused on a particular area, an AI can do a lot of good in that area. It’s lack of use in another area lends itself to being controlled. This Artificial Narrow Intelligence is what we have today and is the state of the art.

Terminator robots are examples of Artificial General Intelligence, and we are a very long way away from that.

Scientists create a swordfighting robot, ethicist warn of the danger of artificial intelligence.

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