Sentient Artificial Intelligence, yay or nay?


SENTIENCE original

is the ability to feel, perceive, and experience subjectively.

– wikipedia
Scientists and philosophers have been pondering if we will ever create artificial intelligence that will rival human intelligence. Robots that are considered man-made machines that are just as intelligent, creative, and self-aware as its creator.
While reasons backed with argumentative research and scientific explanations are all over the internet, I wanted to see more of the ‘back-at-home-behind-my-PC’ perspective.
I asked two “netizens” to share their thoughts about this matter. One was on the affirmative and the other was against it. Here’s what they had to say. On a positive light,

It is a huge step forward.

– T.Sorrera

The first response stated that sentient AIs will replace jobs such as repetitive work, household chores, and delivery, to toxic waste disposal, one-way trips to outer space, and security. Since AIs are inevitably more accurate calculators compared to human brains…

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