This Microsoft website will detect people’s age in photos

Microsoft’s new facial recognition system thinks that I’m 29 years old. I’m happy with that analysis, so it just goes to show that machine learning doesn’t need to be accurate to satisfy people.


If you ever wondered if you look your age in photos, or how old that one aunt in your family really is, there’s now a website for that, thanks to none other than…Microsoft?

It’s true. The technology company [fortune-stock symbol=”MSFT”] recently released a tool for facial recognition, and one of its internal teams decided to have fun by using it to build a website that predicts people’s age in photos. It’s aptly named “”

Sure, it’s fun to guess the ages of your friends and family, but we at Fortune wondered—could Microsoft’s technology detect the ages of the industry titans we feature on the cover of our magazine? Could the tool accurately determine the age of Disney CEO Bob Iger? Pope Francis? Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes?

You can see the results in the image above. (The tool stumbled on Apple CEO Tim Cook and IBM CEO Ginni…

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