Poker Pros Win Against Carnegie Mellon AI

A few weeks ago in another post, I mentioned that three human professional poker players were going up against an Artificial Intelligence called Claudico. Time to check in at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh to see how they got on.

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center's Blacklight supercomputer which hosted Claudico
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center’s Blacklight supercomputer which hosted Claudico

Over the week, the professionals played 80,000 hands of no-limit hold ’em poker against the AI. Three of the four players ended up with more chips than the computer, so it would seem that for now, humans still hold the advantage.

In the final chip tally, Bjorn Li had an individual chip total of $529,033, Doug Polk had $213,671 and Dong Kim had $70,491. Jason Les trailed Claudico by $80,482.

However, the actual winnings as a percentage of the amounts being bet over the week ($170m), means that the result is much closer than would appear. So just like Deep Blue in the 1990’s, the AI doesn’t seem to be too far away from an outright win.

Brains Vs. AI | Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science.

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