Clash of the Titans ! (R vs Python)

This is a good comparison of Python and R if you are deciding which to use in your data analytics projects.

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This is to all out there who are wondering which is better language to learn for data analysis and visualization. Whether one should use R or Python when they do their everyday data analysis tasks.

Both Python and R are amongst the most extensively held languages for data analysis, and have their supporters and opponents. While Python is a lot praised for being a general-purpose language with an easy-to-understand syntax, R’s functionality is developed with statisticians in thoughts, thus giving it field-specific advantages such as excessive features for data visualization.

The DataCamp has recently released a new infographic for everyone interested in how these two (statistical) programming languages relate to each other. This superb infographic discovers what the strengths of R over Python and vice versa, and aims to provide a basic comparison between these two programming languages from a data science and statistics perspective.

R vs Python for data scienceNote:

Not to ignore the…

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