Ambient Intelligence

This is an interesting idea: Ambient Intelligence.

“an ever-present digital fog in tune with our behavior and physiological state”

As AI slowly improves in particular domains, we will see the techniques and algorithms incorporated into previously static control systems.

For example, your household heating system could learn the best way to adjust the temperature in the most efficient way, having learned what you like. Other appliances will have some form of learning built in too.

So what we will see will be the widespread adoption of Artificial Narrow Intelligence. There won’t be one Artificial General Intelligence in your house, just lots of narrow ones.

The problem I see with this is the lack of serendipity. What a bland world it would be if we were surrounded by devices which made the world just perfect for us with no surprises. How would we ever be enticed to step outside our comfort zones? We would replicate our “echo chamber” online experience in the real world.

Here’s the full article by Neil Howe (@lifecourse):

Artificial Intelligence Paves The Way For Ambient Intelligence – Forbes.

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