Making Sense of the Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

This is a useful update from Venture Scanner on the companies that are commercializing Artificial Intelligence. It also has a description of the various categories of AI that are being developed.

Venture Scanner Insights

At this time, we are tracking 855 Artificial Intelligence companies across 13 categories, with a combined funding amount of $2.73B. These are companies and categories that involve anything and everything that is Artificial Intelligence. Below you’ll find our AI sector map as well as the categorical breakdown of the sector.

Artificial Intelligence Sector Map Artificial Intelligence Sector Map

Deep Learning/Machine Learning Applications: Machine learning is the technology of computer algorithms that operate based on its learnings from existing data. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning that focuses on deeply layered neural networks. The following companies utilize deep learning/machine learning technology in a specific way or use-case in their products.

Computer Vision/Image Recognition: Computer vision is the method of processing and analyzing images to understand and produce information from them. Image recognition is the process of scanning images to identify objects and faces. The following companies either build computer vision/image recognition technology or utilize it as the core offering…

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