Artificial Intelligence to replace staff at O2

AI will eliminate jobs. Will new ones be created in time?
AI will eliminate jobs. Will new ones be created in time?

Studies have previously claimed that Artificial Intelligence is likely to replace jobs in the medium term.

This may have been a little optimistic in estimating the timeframe that it would likely occur.

Earlier this year, Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance announced that it would be replacing 34 employees, whose jobs involved calculating payouts to policyholders.

This week, the mobile phone company O2 announced that it would be launching a voice recognition AI next year that would be able to do the same job as customer service staff.

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, O2’s parent Telefonica presented the system. The Independent’s coverage of it pedicts:

It’s expected to launch in the UK next year, and will enable the company to cut customer service costs.

Cutting customer service costs can only mean a reduction in jobs. Coupled with their idea to sell the customer’s data, it looks like the AI system will help Telefonica turn what is a business cost into a revenue stream, all with less employees to worry about.

Source: Artificial intelligence is set to handle O2 customer services from 2017 | The Independent